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I make art and animations that you probably haven't seen for games you probably don't play.

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Posted by UncleBladey - February 28th, 2017

To the handful of people who follow me on here(hi), I changed my name from Bladebrawl to UncleBladey to match my art twitter account. No reason to have multiple aliases for the same art. YEAH. Cool.

Gonna try and post much more on here. Hugs and kisses and all that.

Posted by UncleBladey - August 18th, 2015



Ever wanted to have your Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, or Dark Souls II character drawn by a DUDE? No? Ask yourself this again but scream it while jumping up and down. I’ll wait.

So I’ll have 3 spots open for now for this sale. If those get taken I might make another Souls sale sometime.
Basically what I need is at least one reference pic of your character. Any info you need me to have beforehand. And a description of your character if you like.

For this sale you can get your character drawn for $15. These will be in full color. Shaded. With bold lines like in the example pic.

Email: bladebrawlbusiness@gmail.com to set up a commission.
Payments also go to bladebrawlbusiness@gmail.com through paypal

For more commission info go to: http://bladebrawl.tumblr.com/Commission
I also do icons, and other commissions not souls related if you’re not a fan of jolly cooperation.

Posted by UncleBladey - August 5th, 2015


I’ve opened commissions back up WHOOOOA. Right now there are 3 spots available. That’s like, even more than 2. Crazy stuff, I know.

More info here http://bladebrawl.tumblr.com/Commission


Posted by UncleBladey - July 7th, 2015


All the info is mostly in the pic. Anything else you need to know should be on this page. http://bladebrawl.tumblr.com/iconCommissions


Posted by UncleBladey - June 30th, 2015


So I’m going to be closing down my art commissions, at least for the time being. I need to focus on some other projects and just recharge. That said, there’s a good chance I open up icon commissions pretty soon, since I can do those fairly quickly.

Want to thank everyone who commissioned me over the past couple of months, it’s insane how many of you showed interest in my art, and because of you I was able to meet up with my girlfriend for the first time, who then proceeded to murder me. This is a pre-recorded message.

Thanks again, and keep an eye out for news on icon commissions. I know some people were interested in getting a commission that I never got around to, but I imagine I’ll open up the full commissions again sometime.

-kiss kiss, hug hug, Blade

Posted by UncleBladey - May 13th, 2015

Couple of word things I wanted to throw down cause I like to feel important.

One, tomorrow I’m ending my 5 for 5 sketch commission sale, so if you wanted to grab one (Or both) of the remaining two spots, here’s your last chance.

Secondly, after that I’ll be raising my prices a little bit. Nothing crazy, probably by 5 dollars to each tier, but I thought I’d give a little warning in case you hate the thought of paying an extra 5 dollars for something that takes me hours to make, you can make your snappy insulting replies ahead of time.

Also, I’m taking a little break from commission to get my head right, but I’ll probably resume them soon cause OTHERWISE WHAT’S EVEN THE POINT. So, yeah.

Kay, that’s all I wanted to say. 
luv u


Posted by UncleBladey - April 12th, 2015


Whooooa, a 5 for 5 commission sale!? That's like, at least 2 levels of crazy. I think I might just throw up.

Just go here http://bladebrawl.tumblr.com/Commission if you're interested. Thanks!
I've been posting my commission and other art stuff to my art page if you want to see the work I've done. Boom. Okay done. Hug hug kiss kiss luv u


[Edit] you may need to right click and go to the URL to better read the words. Sorry about that. Hope I haven't tarnished our professional yet intimate relationship.

Posted by UncleBladey - March 22nd, 2015

Hi! I'm pretty new around here, but I wanted to announce that I just opened up commissions if anyone is interested. I make all sorts of things like... Demons. Or robots. And maybe even something not demons and or robots.
Check it out if you like, thanks! http://bladebrawl.tumblr.com/Commission4761128_142706546132_CAvIvExUMAAtcuR.png

Posted by UncleBladey - March 17th, 2015

I like this Newgrounds thing. it's all blue and gray and yellow. At least one of those colors can be found somewhere in my body. How nifty is that!?

Anyway, now that I've surgically inserted myself here I can't be removed. I've got little spines that keep me all nice and secured. Kind of like some animal penis I read about somewhere. I can't remember what animal but I swear there is a penis like that.

Anyway seeya luv u