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I thought this was overall pretty great. The art style was charming, the characters enjoyable, and the the voice acting honestly pretty well done. I'll definitely keep an eye out for future episodes.

That said, I'd change the credit song at the end. It seemed pretty weird to have a bootleg Pokemon theme be the ending to this pixel art space cartoon.

This is still my favorite movie on Newgrounds by far. It forever holds a place in my heart. A black, tarry place. With a mini fridge.

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Seriously awesome stuff, man. Varied enough that it doesn't get stale but it all works together so you know it's all one song.
Always love when you post cinematic songs. Keep up the awesome work!

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! I usually don't do them unless they're commissioned though.

Man, this was awesome. Really well done and made me want to play Zelda.

RealFaction responds:

thanks :D

It was like... Part Theme song, part boss battle, and part adventure theme. Several different sections to it but none of it felt out of place. Awesome stuff.

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This is cool! Really neat style, especially on the face. My only real complaint is the shield shape, which has more of a diamond shape here than most incarnations of the Hylian shield has.
Nice work!

Coolkitten13 responds:

Thanks!! And yeah, I'm not too familiar with Link, to be honest.

I dunno. She's kinda cute. Just look at those curves!... And those ones. And... and those on her neck.. ......She has a lovely smile!

I love this design and style so much. One of my favorite things I've seen on Newgrounds so far. Awesome job!

I make art and animations that you probably haven't seen for games you probably don't play.

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